About Us

Spice FM CEO Tasnim Borsha Islam

Tasnim Borsha Islam

CEO - 96.4 Spice FM

96.4 SPICE FM is the official radio station in Dhaka of Radio Masala Limited. It was developed by Tasnim Borsha Islam, who had always been a massive fan of radio and dance music. This is now the most dynamic radio station broadcasting from the heart of Dhaka city. Soon we will be launching our other stations on other cities to the entire country.
Our journey started on 1st September 2016 as the most urban radio station that Bangladesh was waiting for. Our mission is to promote from our very own local artist to the international artist who have created the niche for themselves with music. We have the best streaming technology available to ensure the tunes with full HD keep coming strong 24/7. 96.4 SPICE FM will change the way the city listen to music. The songs we play are the blend of great music with engaging personalities brought to you by talented and intelligent Radio Jockey’s. If you want to get out of the deadlock of same old music and same old content or if you want to experience something fresh, something new in the world of music 96.4 Spice FM is the station you have been waiting for. We provide the hottest jocks of the city and they are here to entertain you and ensure that you are always having fun!
We play Dance Music, which includes, funky house, Trance, Dance, EDM and 90’s and many more! We really are different and won’t be tied down to a specific genre! We hand pick our songs to ensure they fit our style and on air presence. As well as 24/7 Dance Music we have a whole host of DJ’s from around the world. We work with some of the major syndication companies to bring you big names as well working with independent DJ’s with the majority proudly being exclusive to Real Dance Radio.

The Team

Spice FM Staion Manager Nasiruddin Komol

Nasiruddin Komol

Station Manager - 96.4 Spice FM

Nasiruddin Komol is a playback singer as well as radio professional. He has started his carrer as a playback singer from the movie "বড় মালিক", from his debut with Rijia Parvin he has released his first solo audio album "তুমি ঠিকই কাদবে ". After his debut he perform as a playback singer in so many Bangladeshi film from 2001. ”অন্তর জ্বালা” is his recent performance which has a huge success as in Bnagladeshi Film industry. As a radio professional he as started his career from contries first Private FM radio Station RadioToday 89.6 FM as Senior Sound & Creative Producer. He has several broadcast related tranning from USA, Singapore, thailand and India. Before joining as a station manager of 96.4 SPICE FM he has served on many as well as international media includes Masti FM 96.3 (Singapore) , Channel I (Bangladesh) , radio Circle (Bangladesh), Asian Radio (Bangladesh) etc.

Spice FM VP HR & Finance Musfequr Saleheen

S. M. Musfequr Saleheen

VP HR & Finance - 96.4 Spice FM

S.M Saleheen is a dynamic and optimistic corporate professional who has been working in a corporate sector from the early age of 2004. He has started his career in a banking sector. After serving many years in banking sector he find interest on Radio Industry which leads him to join on countries first private radio staion Radio Today 89.6.

Spice FM Digital Head Pervez Ahmed

Pervez Ahmed

Head of MIS & digital - 96.4 Spice FM

Coming from a background of strategy, user experience, and technology, his passions to digital sector lie in transporting digital services. Pervez has 6 years of experience on different sector of business including Manufacturing, Real estate, retails industries and so on. Pervez is always considering new and eccentric challenges for emerging SPICE FM brands, business models and its internal regulatory.