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Armeen Musa

Name: Armeen Musa

RJ Name: Armeen

About Me:

I am a singer-songwriter and composer from Dhaka, Bangladesh who just graduated from Berklee. I love performing, recording, creating and just being immersed in music. I love working with people from all over the world and coming up with new and old sounds. Other than music I dabble in teaching, food photography, cooking and writing.

Full Name: 

Armeen Musa

Nick Name: 


My Shows:


Zodiac Sign:



I would say i am a joyful person but someone who has dept and each layer says a different aspect of me.

RJ-ing Style:

Very calming and soothing with soft words


Casual but I love wearing Saree it’s a favourite of Mine


Writing, food photography, cooking and writing


Everything ever written by Agatha Christie.

Fav Food: 

Something Comforting but Healthy

Fav Actor: 

Arjun Rampal

Fav Songs: 

Akash Meghe Dhaka, but I have way too many to list!


The notebook, Constantine

I Love:

Anything that offers Spiritual Growth

I Hate:  

Negativity, Violence

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