RJ Max

Name: Fuad Moazzam Hossain

RJ Name: Max Mystel

About Me:


Full Name: 

Fuad Moazzam Hossain

My Shows:

Breaking Music Show

Zodiac Sign:



Quirky, witty, and mostly serious, with a dose of narcissism

RJ-ing Style:

High energy


Casual, Smart-casual


Video games


Everything ever written by Agatha Christie.

Fav Food: 

All food is awesome!

Fav Actor: 

Many but James Mcavoy is one that comes to mind now

Fav Songs: 

Again, many songs but lately I have been listening to Vente Paca by Ricky Martin a lot


All time favourite would be Nolan's Batman Trilogy

I Love:

Chips, saying improper things, making people uncomfortable for the sake of a laugh,       chocolates, sleep, eating outside

I Hate:  

Being told what to do, people wanting to share my chips/food, pretentious people and drama

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